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Daily Schedule

on May 13, 2012

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to post this. I wrote out a lovely schedule in the notebook I use for blogging and it sat there for quite a while until Kira spilled (ironically) coffee all over it on Tuesday. I almost gave birth to my large intestine I was so upset.

But I digress. Since it is now coffee-stained and wrinkly, I will post it here for good measure and then recycle it.


  • get dressed + have breakfast + clear table
  • have coffee + blog +free play
  • clean bedrooms + craft/colour/play-doh + wash one load of laundry
  • have lunch + clear table
  • put on music + wash dishes
  • brush teeth + nap (for Kira) + dry laundry + read a long story to Ally + clean dining room + blog
  • have snack + go to the park/for a walk/in the backyard/being physically active indoors if the weather is poor + fold laundry
  • have dinner + clear table
  • clean living room + bath
  • get pyjamas on + brush teeth + read + bedtime
  • momtime

I’m pretty flexible with this, but this is a typical day where we’re at home and I try to get everything cleaned. Fail. But try! Also, there are no set times because I feel too rushed when things like that happen. Meal times are fairly regular, but everything else just happens when the bullet before it is complete. Toss in the occasional “why-won’t-you-leave-me-alone movie” and you’ve got my day-to-day!

Am I the only one who’s been trying to make a schedule to get things done??

And Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who makes it her priority to care for, discipline, and raise children through the good and the bad. You’re a hero!


6 responses to “Daily Schedule

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! BTW – I’ve tried making lists, schedules, etc. I spend so much time making them that nothing gets done.

    • That’s exactly why I had to eliminate the time specific parts of it. As soon as I started lagging behind or forgot to do something, then the whole thing was out the window.

  2. sillyliss says:

    I create a schedule for short blocks of time, but if I were home with the kids every day all day long, I would definitely think a schedule like this would help me from going crazy. At least until 10 a.m. : )

  3. kebibarra says:

    I’m such a scheduler. Sometimes I have force myself to step away from the schedule
    And just let things be. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!!

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