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Meet the Fridge

on May 12, 2012

Do you know who’s awesome? wifemothereventplanner. She’s so awesome that she wrote a post about wanting to know what was inside people’s fridges, because she’s nosy, and I thought “What is the internet for, if not to share every aspect of your life with people?”

Plus, I thought it was an awesome idea.

Voila! My fridge!

Before you ask, (because I asked her), hell yeah I cleaned it before I took a picture of it! And it’s still dirty! Ew.

So what would I consider staples in my fridge? Milk, apples, cheese, eggs, olives, celery, tomatoes. That’s a lot. That’s not even counting the onions and potatoes beneath my counter; the pasta mountain in my cupboard; or the tins upon tins of coffee. Duh. Of course coffee was going to make the list.

Oh, and what is that lovely container behind the margarine and sour cream? Do you see it there, hiding under the flatbreads? Yes, that is a 2kg bucket of feta cheese.

We love feta cheese.

PS the milk container says “HOMO” because it’s the homogenized kind and there is no way that “HOMOGENIZED” would fit on that handle.

So! What’s in your fridge?


13 responses to “Meet the Fridge

  1. lorajbanks says:

    Ruby asked if that was our fridge. I wish. Ours is far dirtier and less stocked.

    • This was empty before Phil went to the grocery store for our tri-weekly shop. I took advantage of the emptiness to grab my Lysol spray and paper towel the snot out of it. Or more correctly, the old gross food stains, crumbs, and puddles.

  2. kebibarra says:

    Ok, thats one hell of a frige!! (I’ll be over shortly) lol

  3. We love feta cheese too! I get mine from the farmers market and I love eating them with crackers. And thanks for clarifying that label on your milk carton lol.

  4. sillyliss says:

    Wow, that is really clean and also really stocked. Our refrigerator looks pretty empty most of the time. Your refrigerator reminds me of my mom’s. She always had *everything* in there that a person could want. Oh, the memories…

  5. So funny! I put a photo up just for you. Thanks for the smiles and the motivation to clean the fridge.

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