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In the mind…

on May 9, 2012

…of a 1 (almost 2) year old.

Kira: (holds up a toy horse) It’s a dragon! Mooooo!


The girls are watching Super Why and they find a cave. Kira races into the kitchen…

Kira: THEY FOUND A CAVE!!!!!!!!

Mommy: *wide eyes*…

Kira: … THEY FOUND A CAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy: They found a cave? Yayyyyyy….

Kira: Yes. (speeds out of kitchen and back to Super Why)


Kira: (has a nasty diaper rash from the sickness) My ‘gina hurtsssssssssss!

Okay, this isn’t funny. But what is funny is how often my kids talk about their ‘gina/bagina. How about…

Kira: (during every diaper change) Goodbye ‘gina. (Mommy closes diaper) I need my ‘gina back!!!


Kira, running around naked: I naked! Ahahahahahaha!

ALSO! Since I’m highly impatient, I am so super excited about everything that I have planned coming up! English is good language sometimes, yes? Except when excitement takes over and coffee hasn’t reached brain yet then gibberish comes out not words. Look for a new weekly feature on Friday! Also, next week there will be a something that requires that other people participate. Otherwise it will just suck. So, participate! Yay! Hahahaha, I can’t even wait until 10. Here comes the post!


7 responses to “In the mind…

  1. stephicakes says:

    Your toddler is a comic genius! How fun. 🙂

  2. stephicakes says:

    My Lola calls it her “pirates.” Because she can’t pronounce “privates” correctly.

  3. sillyliss says:


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