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Dear WordPress Reader

on May 7, 2012

Why are you not updating all of the blogs that I follow? How could you betray me so? The first few times, I blamed myself. I must have overlooked the posts, been distracted by a child or a shiny object; but now the truth is obvious.

You are not displaying all of the new posts people write.

WTF? Why? How come? I don’t like this. I don’t follow people because I’m trying to increase my ‘friends’ count on a certain social network. I follow people because I am interested in what they have to say. When you don’t show me their new posts, then I don’t get to read them and interact with my internetly friends. I don’t get to add my comments, or click the little button that displays my positive affections towards their penmanship. Argh!

If this despicable behaviour continues, then I will have to stop using “Reader” as a feature, (it should be named “Betrayer”) and sign up to receive email updates from every person I follow. This sucks. You suck.

With love,




6 responses to “Dear WordPress Reader

  1. betsyk1 says:

    You are so funny! “shiny object”–Lol!

  2. how could they….i’m with you!!

  3. I’ve been “hearing” this a lot recently from bloggers I follow. I’ve followed through email from the beginning, so I only used Reader for the first time a couple weekends ago. I changed my email and all of my preferences got dropped. I only had my phone, so I was stuck with reader. I didn’t like it at all. I set up a separate email when I started my blog so my personal email isn’t jammed up. It’s nice to be able to scroll through, picking and choosing what to read when I want, deleting those I’ve read and keeping those I want to go back and comment on or pin on pinterest.

    • That may be my next course of action. I really liked Reader for it’s summaries and image inclusion, but I can’t stand suddenly discovering that I’ve missed several posts.

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