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Sunny Sunday

on May 6, 2012

Today is a beautiful day. I have been inside all morning catching up on my cleaning from being so sick. Not my dishes though, thank you Gramma!

Today is also one of Phil’s days off, so although he was out doing our grocery shopping this morning, we will be outside doing family fun things this afternoon. After nap. More cleaning, yay!

Since I was so sick, I also didn’t have time to prewrite any of my posts 😦 so, to tide you all over I have thrown in a couple of pictures.

You’re welcome.

Ally’s artwork of Phil and I.

Kira snuggling with Edie.


Ally’s drawing of the “Backsoon” from Winnie The Pooh. Pronounced ‘bak-sun’, he is an imaginary creature that all of the friends are convinced kidnapped Christopher Robin. This is based on Owl’s mis-reading of “Back Soon” on the note that Christopher Robin left, explaining his absence. I thought it was hilarious that she wanted to draw it.

The Backsoon, for your reference.

So, hopefully tomorrow will bring a little time to sit back, catch up on some reading and blog to my heart’s content. In the meantime, enjoy a coffee for me…mine still taste like copper. 😦


6 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. sillyliss says:

    Edie looks like a really sweet dog. How long have you had her?

    Ally is a great artist!

  2. lorajbanks says:

    Ruby’s favourite thing to draw is the Backsoon! Also, your kids are ADORABLE!

    P.S. He’ll sneak into your library and scribble in all your books!

  3. kebibarra says:

    Love the pic of Kira with Edie…so cute!

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