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In the mind…

on May 2, 2012

…of a 3 (almost 4) year old.


Ally: Edie’s a pillow for my feet!



We just finished the picture frames for gifts and the giveaway, and now it’s clean-up time. I explain to Ally that we are just going to brush the beads onto the floor and sweep them up later. Of course, she doesn’t want to throw them away.

Mommy: Well, these beads are really, really small and I’m not going to spend all day picking up a thousand beads.

Ally: *pause* Well, I am.


Kira is getting in and out of her chair at the table, causing the table to shake. Ally refers to this as bumping and is confused to its’ origin, I explain that it is her sister and she refuses to believe me.

Ally: There’s something fishy going on about here. (Mom laughs) Fishy means when you can’t figure out something, when a great big bump is in your house and it’s not your sister or anything. Fishy is also like when you’re fishing with a rod.


Here’s one for her wedding day.

Do you know the song/rhyme One Potato? It goes: one potato, two potato, three potato, four…

Ally: (walks into the bedroom where I’m changing Kira) I’m counting baginas. (bagina=vagina) One bagina, two bagina, three bagina, four. Five bagina, six bagina, seven bagina, more. What comes after seven?

Mommy: Eight. You know that.

Ally: Right. Seven bagina, more. Eight bagina, nine bagina, ten bagina… Everyone has TEN baginas!!!


12 responses to “In the mind…

  1. lorajbanks says:

    Haha! Awesome. Though,I fine one bagina to be quite sufficient.

  2. Aunt Jodi says:

    I love Ally’s description of “fishy.” I love that she understands that words can have different meanings…. it can be a bump in the house or when you’re fishing with a rod. What a smart little cookie 😀

    Also, I really don’t think Ally has 10 baginas. hahaha!

  3. sillyliss says:

    You know what’s awesome? My daughter says bagina all the time too. As in the time she was presenting to her class at school and informed me she would tell them that Sidrah (her sister) came out of the baby tummy and out of Mommy’s bagina. I was like, um, could we edit this presentation a bit? I don’t want a call about your sex education of the other preschoolers. LOL.

    This whole post was LOL.

    • Hahaha! That’s one thing with being honest with your kids, as I am with mine, sometimes they don’t know which things should be filtered and when! I expect I’ll have phone calls about Ally when she starts kindergarten this fall.

  4. Sleeping Mom says:

    Oh man your stories always have me cracking up! I want a foot pillow now.

  5. Rachael says:

    Ten baginas! She’s priceless! Great that you’re teaching her the proper names for her body parts.

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