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Toddler Scheduling

on April 30, 2012

Kids are little. Therefore they are slow.

They have not learned to be fast and such.

When Ally was about two years old I purchase a cheap clock from the Dollarama and a bunch of stickers to help her learn about the passage of time. I poured my creative juices all over the place and produced this:

Yay, zoom! Look at all the fingerprints!

But that is besides the point. This clock is used to show her that we wake up at 8am (wishful thinking) and then have breakfast. Playing begins after breakfast, around nine, snack is at ten, more playing at eleven, lunch is at twelve and the moon means nap time is at one. After nap we have snack at three, play time at four, dinner at five, craft-y playtime at six, pyjamas and bed time preparation at seven-thirty. To help identify when is when, I stuck a sparkly star to the hour hand so that we can use the star to point to the appropriate activity.

This clock is about two years old now, and I can really tell. Dinner’s closer to six, Ally doesn’t nap, and I’ve begun to schedule more specific activities during the day (but that’s for another post). This clock was super helpful for my sanity, when I began to tell Ally that she couldn’t leave her room in the morning until the star pointed to the eight. That would allow me to sleep until 7:30 every morning, since that’s the time that it kind of looked like the star was touching the eight.


How do you keep your kids on schedule? Are they involved, or do they just do what you say – when you say?



10 responses to “Toddler Scheduling

  1. sillyliss says:

    This clock is TOTALLY awesome. Our kitchen clock recently starting running backwards. Which is more fun than the normal way, I guess.

  2. lorajbanks says:

    That is an awesome idea! Nice one. I think I might try it for wake up time. For the past few years I’ve told them that if they wake up and it’s still dark outside, they should go back to bed…but sometimes the sun comes up waaaay too early. Nice thinkin’ lady!

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