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My Baby Is The Devil

on April 29, 2012

I love my kids. I love them to pieces, and more than life itself.

Some days I don’t like my kids.

A lot of those days have recently been revolving around Kira’s new-found independence and total lack of obedience. I read a post from yoonanimous:

“The future bodes well for Tate and ill for the rest of us, because he keeps getting bigger, and able to reach more stuff. He can just peer onto the kitchen counters now. If he sees something he likes, he will pull it down with such force and speed that you’d be amazed, if you weren’t busy picking up the flat of bruised strawberries rolling around on your kitchen floor. Don’t bother asking him to help. Tate doesn’t do cleanup.” – yoonanimous

…and I wanted to replace “Tate” with “Kira” for almost the entirety of the post. (It’s really funny, check it out) I am so happy that I’m not the only one in this situation. Kira is growing up, which means that even though she doesn’t know she knows, she knows that she knows more than I do about everything.

Kira wants to walk everywhere. By herself. For the first week or so, I could convince her to hold onto the lanyard that attaches to my keys. Keys in pocket, child attached by rope to hip. It was all working out perfectly. Nowwww, however, she’s decided that the lanyard is no good, and only impedes her ability to run away and touch everything. Not to mention standing directly in the path of anybody else in the world.

I try to gently remind her to hold my keys or my hand, hold the stroller, the cart, anythingfortheloveofGod!, but noooooo. She won’t. I tell her that she has to, or she’ll be put back in the stroller/cart, and inevitably she will have to be put back in the stroller/cart and then the screaming will begin.

Let me ouuuuuuut! Nooooooooo! I need waaaaaaalk!” while she tries to climb out of the buggy.

People stare, everyone else in the store is suddenly quiet, and I move into my happy place where I pretend that I can’t hear her and continue my errands. Yepp, I pretend I can’t hear her because sometimes it’s the only way to live through the rest of my trip. If you think that I walked for twenty minutes just to turn around and walk home without the *(&^$%(*&^ milk that I came for, you are sorely mistaken. Sorely. If I pay too much attention to her, then I get frustrated and it makes me want to put her up on a high shelf and walk away.

I guess we’ll just keep it up, and with enough practise (and time, because let’s be honest, sometimes only growing older will help a child’s understanding) I hope that she learns to stay close and not touch. Or scream. No more screaming.


10 responses to “My Baby Is The Devil

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    Eeks sorry you had a bad store episode. I sometimes wonder whether I could put up any longer with my toddler’s antics. There are seriously some days where I feel like he’s either ridiculously challenging or I’m doing something wrong. Or days where I can’t wait to be alone. Away from him. lol. It’s nuts how hard this is but thankfully another day rolls by and he flips and amazes me by being the most obedient kid in the world. Sigh!

  2. Kim says:

    Amen… Totally been there. Multiple Times… LOL

  3. sillyliss says:

    Oh, yeah, I can relate. 🙂

  4. i wish I could say it gets better. But then you have tween issues and teen drama…. but that’s ok – that’s why we have wine 🙂

    • A-Men! It’s so nice to kick back and relax with a nice glass of wine or a beer after the kids have finally gone to sleep. Having children keeps the alcohol companies in business, hahaha!

  5. piecesonnapkins says:

    I actually mentally prepared myself for every shopping trip (three kids in tow at this point) by scoping out all of the good “time out” spots as we walked into any store/restaurant/etc. I cannot even tell you how often I, and the other two children not pitching a fit, stood outside of various stores with one child screaming bloody murder as (s)he completed a time out. New baby is already throwing tantrums and he’s only 8 months old, and I find myself (yet again) mentally preparing for the inevitable public time outs in my future.

    • Argh! This is why shopping is so stressful (and why I have handed over many of the duties to Phil). Quite suddenly it becomes a race to complete your errands in as few tantrums as possible.

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