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Matching Game

on April 23, 2012

I made this game about a month or so ago. Ally is really into reading and writing at this stage and she’s constantly asking about new words and identifying letters. I thought I would take advantage of this interest and try to expand her learning.

I dipped into my craft bucket and got some coloured paper, my permanent marker (which is dead, I really need to purchase one hundred new ones), my crayons, and my exacto knife. I split each piece of paper into four separate and different sized sections, giving myself space to draw a picture, write the word, and write both the upper and lowercase letter that began the word.

The object of the game is to ‘match’ all of the pieces together, and assemble them into the above rectangle shapes. Some of my drawings are a little…subpar, but I chose 5 of the better ones to demonstrate the game, and to show the different colours of paper I used. The words are made of all lowercase letters because Ally is all too familiar with uppercase letters and this will help reinforce her lowercase letters.

She loves to pick out all of the pictures and lay them on the floor, then she gets all of the words and reads them while matching them to their appropriate picture. Uppercase letters are then added, and lastly the lowercase letters join their counterparts.

I tried to avoid drawing animals (my worst ability next to drawing people, yuck) but “inchworm” was the greatest word we could come up with for “I” that was easy to draw and recognize. I did end up having to draw a person for Queen, but it was that or quail, and my quail drawing abilities are not up to standard. Also, that’s my wallet! There was actually $10 in it at the time that I drew it, there isn’t anymore but that’s just life.

Words We Used

Apple, Boat, Cake, Door, Egg, Flower, Glasses, House, Inchworm, Jam, Kibble (dog food), Light, Mail, Nest, Olive, Puzzle, Queen, Rope, Slide, Tree, Umbrella, Vine, Wallet, Xylophone, Yo-yo, Zipper.


6 responses to “Matching Game

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    What a cool idea! You should work for a toy company lol.

  2. Aunt Jodi says:

    I love the creativitiy! I’ve seen other matching puzzles like this at the store for $20-$80 (WHO PAYS $80 FOR A CHILDREN’S PUZZLE??) so you certainly saved yourself some money by doing it yourself! Looks like tons of fun!

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