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In the mind…

on April 18, 2012

…of a 3 (almost 4) year old.

Ally found a sticker this morning from the inside of one of her shirts. I believe. It said “Made in China”.

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Ally: Mommy, where did this come from?

Mommy: (looks at sticker) China, I guess. (Laughs to self, considers herself very funny)

Ally: Next time we go to China we should give it back to them.


I was writing a letter to my best friend two days ago when my curious Ally comes over and asks me what I’m doing. I told her I was writing a letter to Aunt Jodi and she wanted me to read it to her. I read a paragraph and then she asks about the next one. After I told her that I couldn’t read it to her because it was about her birthday and it was a surprise, she informed me that she wanted a farm, and that I should write that in the letter to Aunt Jodi.

Mommy: Okay. ‘Ally says she wants a toy farm for her birthday’.

Ally: ‘A big one’, (she gets really close to me and gives me those eyes) ‘with lots of people’. Did you write that?

*hint hint, Aunt Jodi.*


Ally was upset when she saw a blue paper gift bag in the recycling. Apparently she wanted to continue to play with this old mangled bag and I was ruining her day by recycling it.

After she whined and even cried over the loss, she announced: “I want a new blue bag for my birthday. Filled with toys.”

Mommy: “I’m not going to buy you a blue bag filled with toys for your birthday. I’m not going to buy any presents for a girl who threw a giant tempertantrum and was rude to people!” (It had been quite the morning.)

Ally: Well, someone else will buy it for me then.


8 responses to “In the mind…

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    Oh man I love kidisms. My two year old is just now starting to be funny-without-intending-to-be and I love it. He also asks “What’s this say?” whenever he sees “China” on his spoon lol.

  2. charlywalker says:

    I miss those days of toddlers and two syllable words……… that I have teens it’s down to one syllable….. and my competition is the Iphone…

    • I don’t think many parents will even have to wait for the teens to be in competition with an iPhone, I’ve seen 7-10 year olds with their own phone, and I know at least one of Ally’s friends (a 3 year old) is getting her mom’s old iPhone when her mom upgraded. Shocking to me, my kids won’t get a phone until it’s necessary, at like 15-16. And even then it will be a clunky old 12-button pad like I had.

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  4. So funny! I literally spit on my computer screen (gross, but true) when she said ya’ll should give the tag back next time you go to China. And I love the honesty in expressing their desires – and expectations.

    • It definitely made my morning. She’s become so interactive and vocal, and she cares so much for other people, but there’s nothing quite like saying foolish things because you just don’t know better to make your mom’s day.

  5. Aunt Jodi says:

    1. NEXT time you go to China? Was there ever a FIRST time? hahahaha
    2. Hint received. 😉

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