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Creative Play

on April 17, 2012

Every so often I take my girls to an indoor playplace in Ajax called “Creative Play”. I found out that this place existed when one of Ally’s friend’s moms offered to take us there for a playdate.

It was amazing.

For $5 per kid, you have unlimited time (during their business hours for that day) for your kids to run, climb, scream, jump, play, colour, paint and ride.

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We’ve been there about four times now, and the last few times I’ve just asked Phil to drop us off on his way in to school, and pick us up again on the way home. The place is amazing featuring a climbing castle, dress-up area, craft area, eating zone, two bathrooms with change table, babies, Barbies, slides, trains, cars, blocks, sports equipment and a jumping castle.

That’s right, a jumping castle. I think it’s easy to guess where my kids love to spend their time.

Also, smattered around the play areas are a bunch of leather loveseats for mom and dad to kick back on and relax while their kids take off into a world of fun and happiness. I pack my kidlets some snacks, Creative Play does sell some onsite but this Momma is cheap, and we spend several hours there. I get to supervise from my favourite position – on my rear end, and I’m able to jump into any game of dinner antics, block building or hockey that my little heart sees fit.

This playplace has helped my kids to interact with other kids to help them develop their social skills, and it’s also helped this Momma to interact with other adults or sometimes just to take a long needed seat on the couch.

Check it out, they also host parties!




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