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Flower Power

on April 13, 2012

I read about a super awesome craft over at Filth Wizardry and I gave it a try with my kidlets. Oh boy, has it been a hit!

These flower toys, which Lindsey of Filth Wizardry refers to as a Daisy Chain, are fast and easy to put together and extremely sturdy so far!

All I needed was pipe cleaner (I chose white), my hot glue gun, dollar store flowers, and a couple of beads that I salvaged from some broken costume jewellery.

After de-heading the flowers, I counted them and then picked half the number of pipe cleaners. Half because they are then cut…in half! Each piece of pipe cleaner is then folded in half to make a loop, and then the free ends are twisted around each other into a point. The pointy ends are then tucked safely away inside the flower heads (where the stems were placed) with a little hot glue to secure it all together. Over two trips to the dollar store we have chosen four different coloured flowers, and I managed to use the leaves from the azaleas as extra pieces.

I decided to use the leaves as extra pieces for two reasons: one, extra pieces means more options and play time; and two, the leaves that came with the azaleas from the dollar store were quite nice looking. After inspection I determined that the leaves did indeed have a hole in the bottom that the stem went through, just like the flowers, the difference was that there was no stamen or anything else that would prevent the pipe cleaner from poking straight through the leaf and stabbing some little fingers. Imitating the starter bits, I grabbed some spare beads (fake pearls from a broken pearl necklace) and hot glued them over the pointy bit of pipe cleaner that came inside the leaf.

The leaves from the yellow “Summer Flowers” and the blue “Corn Flowers” were not designed in a way that they could be used to create more playing pieces. Instead I’ve used them in a different decoration on the staircase. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

The starter bits are made by following the same steps as a flower, then glueing a bead onto the pointy bits instead of a flower. Once dried, the pipe cleaner is bent to create a hook shape. These pieces are what you start you chain with. The first flower has its stem slid through the loop on the starter bit, and then the next flower stem is placed through the loop of the previous flower. Repeat.

Once you have made a long enough chain for whatever you choose to make, you simply insert the beaded end of the starter bit into the last loop on the stem of the last flower in your chain. Voila!


The girls love to play with this toy and create headbands, necklaces, and bracelets; and they also frequently use the individual flowers as decorations for their other games, bouquets of flowers, or even just individual stems to smell or tuck behind an ear. I am super happy with this craft (Thank you, Lindsey of Filth Wizardry!) and I will continue to get more flowers to have an even bigger variety.

If you haven’t seen Filth Wizardry’s blog, I highly recommend it. Lindsey has filled it with amazing craft ideas, and other great posts about her lovely family, plus she has more detailed instructions on how to recreate this for yourself here.




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