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Loving Family – Dollhouse and Accessories Review

on April 10, 2012

Gramma bought the girls a Loving Family Dollhouse for Christmas last year.

The house is beautiful and features a functioning door and two side rooms that the floor folds up to store the house. Our house came with a mom, a dad, and a baby, although the website says it’s supposed to also include a cradle and a parent’s bed. The girls love this dollhouse, but Gramma was a little upset that it didn’t include more items. The box, of course, showed the dollhouse jammed full of furniture and accessories and she neglected to read on the box that not all items shown were included.

Gramma (on a mission) decided to purchase a few more items for Easter (which recently passed) and I have to tell you, with more pieces to this puzzle the kids have been playing with it nonstop. The girls were given the bathroom set, a “Mom & Toddler” set, and a “Dad & Sister” set. The bathroom set is great because not only are the bathmat and towel made of fabric and are therefore ‘usable’, but the toilet lid opens and both drawers on the vanity open. One drawer contains a toy hairdryer that is attached by a small cord.

The new dolls were purchased to imitate our family, which is great – thanks Gramma! And what I love is that although the molds are the same for the Dad and Mom dolls, they paint their clothes different colours so that we still have four different adult dolls and not two sets of the same doll.

Toddler Speak

Ally says: “They’re nice and pretty and I like that they have nice clothes. I like that their hair is nice and beautiful and that their ponytails are nice. (*I put the ponytails in the doll’s hair since the kids messed them up right away*) I like that they’re friends and they came with each other. And also I like that they dance very well and walk very well, and I like that they slide very well and they hold hands with each other. I think the bathroom is pretty and it’s nice that Gramma gave it to us. I like that they fit nicely in the bathtubs, and that they wash their hands and go pee very well and I like that they’re very small.”

Kira says: “Like playing dolls. I sit her dolls. Yeah is favourite. Wooo, beautiful. Look! Dryer! It’s a dryer. Here you go blow dryer. All done, go potty. You lie down. Good night. *snoring noises*” Well what do you expect…she’s one…

With everyone being so enthused with how the dolls are being recieved by the kids, my mind has been wandering to which of the toys I’m going to purchase next, and for what holiday! I let my fingers walk on over to and I found the Loving Family section and we spent some time browsing their items. The kids seem to want everything (obviously) but there are a few…maybe a lot, of items that are on my list. First off, I love the house that they have, but what about an upgrade?

This house is beautiful (pink too!) and has more interior space for furniture and accessories. This size house comes with a mom, a dad, two babies, table, two chairs, and two highchairs. I can find it in “Caucasian” and “African American”, and since we already have seven Caucasian dolls, I’ll be looking to purchase the one with the African American family.


Take a look at those highchairs! They’re more of a booster seat, but I swear that the blue one contains the same design for the Fisher Price high chair that I own. Making toys more realistic, I love it.

I’m also looking to accessorize more with:

A bedroom set (any of them), a family room set (the tv looks like ours), a laundry room set (hello dog, now it really is our family), a kitchen set, and a dining room set…yes the table is collapsable.

And of course, what doll set would be complete without the kids looking at their options and deciding that they want a horse.




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